Current Event: Chicago threat suspect allegedly sought to avenge Laquan McDonald’s death

A 21 year old man, Jabari Dean was arrested on Monday because he was accused of threatening to kill students on the University of Chicago school campus. He said his justification for doing this is because Laquan McDonald was murdered and he wants to avenge his death. He posted on social media his plan to go to the quad at the University and shoot 16 white male students and or professors because McDonald was shot 16 times. For the students and teachers safety to school was closed all day Monday until 12 p.m. for safety precautions. As of right now the FBI is still investigating the situation. This effects the world because so many school shootings have occurred over the past 10 years then ever before all around the world. From primary students  to high school students and even college students have to wake up every morning knowing that there could be a chance of a shooter coming to their school. This is also why it effects me as well. No matter how safe they try and make our schools, if a shooter wants in, he will get in.

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