Current Event: OPINION Shrunken seat sizes endanger passengers: Column

The last time I was in a plane I did notice that it was not as roomy as a plane I flew on about 3 years ago. Now most people would consider this no big deal at all, but when you take a good look into it, it’s a serious health and safety issue. Since the 1970’s the average length between rows has dropped by a good 35 inches! People with major health issues involving blood flow to their legs are in grave danger. On longer flights they need to be able to stretch out their legs. I believe that this is wrong and should be taken care of immediately. This effects me and the world because millions of people get on planes every single day and the smaller the seats get the more the risk is of people getting injured or even death.

Current Event: OPINION One issue the candidates should be talking about

The devastating Syrian war took out a big chunk of the population. Over 250,000 people were killed during the war. Now, thousands of Syrians are slowly dying because o starvation and the government will not do anything about it. Because of this, over four million Syrians have fled the country and over seven million have been displaced in Syria. The problem is they have nowhere to go now. A neighboring country, Turkey, has closed its borders. Our presidential candidates never bring this up though. Although the Islamic terrorists are abig issue, this is a big deal too. I believe that this is wrong because although they are not from our country, they are still living innocent people and America should be there to aid them in their time of need. This effects both me and the world because the presidential candidates do not talk about these off to the side topics that are huge and if we elect the wrong president, nothing will be accomplished.

Current Event: Opinion Why North Korea’s satellite launch is troubling

North Korea’s second satlleite launched Saturday at 7:30 pm into outer space. North Koreans said that it was nothing more than a “puppy barking at the moon.” They are making it seem like a peaceful launch but the international community seems to think differently. Clearly the existence of a space craft is hard to hide, but the use of a spacecraft is something we csnnot determine. North Korea is taking advantage of the duel-use nature of space technology, to develope missles. Though the range of the missles at this moment is only to Japan and South Korea, does not mean that eventually they can’t reach Europe and the Americas. They have tried to send satellites into space many other times but failed on almost every account.  I believe that this is very troubling and it should be.  One of the worst countries in the world has active missles in space. Something must be done. This definitely effect me and the world because if those missles were to be launched it would turn into WORLD WAR 3. And I cannot imagine anyone wanting that outcome to become a reality.



Current Event: OPINION Resist the value-added tax: Opposing view

Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky are proposing the VAT (Value Added Taxes) to pay for cuts in income taxes. The Value Added Tax can pull in billions every year. Congress will never fully take away taxes, it would layer the VAT on top of existing levies. Only going up one percent can still bring in $150 million in revenue per year. Congress keeps steadily and steadily raising our taxes year after year by small fractions that do not seem like a lot but they are. I strongly do not want the VAT to go into effect because there is no reason for people to continuously pay more and more every year to our government. This will effect the world and me because it will start riots and boycotts because I’m sure no one else wants to pay more money for taxes that go to our goverment.