Current Event: Attacks on Paris

Brutal attacks occurred in Paris, France last week from suicides bombings to mass shootings on Friday 13th. They even took people as hostages. The attacks all over Paris resulted in 132 deaths and 352 others severely injured and hospitalized. The attacks in France were the worst attacks since World War 2 that happened in France. French president Francois Hollande said that they are considering these attacks as an act of war on whomever did this to the French. I think this will greatly effect the world in many different ways because it could lead to yet another World War, and with all of the nuclear weapons so many countries have now, the outcome will not be good. I also feel that this effects me and other people in East Texas because they could strike at us next. They hit Paris unexpectedly so who’s yo say they won’t do the same to us.

Current Event: Small plane crashes in Akron, Ohio; all on board reported killed

A small jet plane crashed into a house in Akron, Ohio. It is not yet confirmed who the passengers are or how many died but the plane has been identified as a hawker jet twin-engine plane. The planes only have the capacity of about 10 people. The plane was engulfed in flames and crashed into one house then kept going into the house behind it. Thankfully, no one on the ground was injured. The cause of the crash has not yet been able to be identified but local Ohio police are investigating. The plane crashed on its way to the Akron Fulton International Airport. this effects the world because not only could this have happened in the United States but also other places around the world. It gives us yet another reminder that the world is not a very safe place and anything can happen. This also effects me personally because that is very to think that a plane can come crashing through my roof at any second.

Current Event: Woman stoned to death in Afghanistan over accusation of adultery

My current event is over a stoning that took place in Afghanistan because a women committed adultery. She was only 19 years old and her name was Rokhshana. She was forced to be with another man named Seema Joyenda. They were caught only two days after the got married. The Taliban forces ordered her to be stoned to death but her husband was only lashed. This video has got much attention from social media. This event really does affect the world because it shows the rest of us how unfairly women are treated and how they get very severe punishments such as death while men only get minor punishments. This really does affect me although it is on the whole other side of the world because it could eventually occur in our country and I could not imagine my mother getting stoned or any women in my family and see them die. Their punishments are very brutal and unfair in Afghanistan.

Current Event: Donald Trump: I would have prevented 9/11

Donald Trump, as you all know is running for president in the upcoming election. Trump is telling Americans that if he had been president during the early 2000’s, 9/11 would not have happened. He said since he is so big on immigration that those people flying the planes would have not been in this country. He kept tweeting about Jeb Bush and asking him to stop trying to defend his brother George Bush (who was president at the time of 9/11.) Then we were all faced with an important question: Is Trump right about 9/11? This greatly affects me because I would feel so much safer on airplanes and we wouldn’t be afraid of people like that, and who knows, maybe ISIS would have never been created if 9/11 did not happen. This also greatly impacts the world because terrorists attacks would probably not occur as much and the world would be a more safer place if countries trusted other countries.

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On Thursday of this week, Principal David Weeton of Leaguetown High School will be holding a drug and alcohol awareness forum for parents and community members.

After Sam White spoke to the students in February, more than 500 students signed a pledge to be drug and alcohol free.

“Basically, we will inform parents that they are breaking the law if they allow underage consumption, other than their own kids, on their property,” Principal Weeton said. “Unfortunately, I think many parents are ignoring the signs that their child may be using drugs or alcohol.”

Students at Leaguetown High School can very easily have access to drugs such as marijuana, and cocaine. They’re even exposed to prescription drugs such as Adderall and Xanax.

“You can get alcohol any weekend in Leaguetown, and I’ve been offered Xanax at several different parties,” junior, Robert Earl said. “I didn’t realize how quickly addictions can happen, and I guess I never thought about the possible consequences.”

Principal Weeton invited several former addicts to the school to talk to the students.

“Sure those speakers had good messages and were kind of scary, but most students don’t drink or use that much,”  senior, Kiki Deeds said. “Drinking on the weekends isn’t going to turn you into an addict.”

Parents were very happy about the meeting that Weeton set up, but a number of them were shocked to see how many students are doing drugs.

“I am very grateful that Principal Weeton organized this meeting,” parent, Stephanie Mulshoe said. “The parents and the community need to know what we can do.”

Many of the parents were very happy about this meeting because most of their kids to their surprise were using drugs.

“This meeting is going to be a wake-up call for parents,” parent Robert Deadmond said. “We’ve had our blinders on for too long.”

Current Event: Pilot Michael Johnston dies during American Airlines flight

A 57 year old man by the name of Captain Michael Johnston  was flying an American Airlines fight from Phoenix, Arizona to Boston Massachusetts on Monday morning. During their course he suddenly became ill, shortly after the co-pilot managed to land the plane safely. The whole crew of the plane took extremely good care of Michael until he died and all of the passengers the whole time. Once they got Michael to a hospital for an autopsy they found that his death was caused by natural diseases. This event really affects me because I am going to be on a plane during Christmas break and that is very scary to think about the pilot of my plane dying. This event should impact the world to kind of wake everybody up and let them know that there are accidents all the time and people can die a any second of any day.

Current Event: Donald Trump tweets prediction Rand Paul will drop out of 2016 race

Donald Trump is using twitter to basically fight back on Rand Paul for the 2016 election for president. Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, “Prediction: Paul has been driven out of the race by my statements about him, he will announce soon.” Then shortly after he tweets again saying, “I hope when Rand Paul gets out of the race-he is at 1%-his supporters come to me. I will do a much better job for them.” That following Monday Paul called Trump a “clown” on CNN’s New Day. Trump continues to lead in the polls but his popularity has dropped since the CNN debate. Trump stands with 25% and Paul stands at only 2% of the general electorate. This event greatly impacts the world and especially the United States because this election will definitely change the U.S. for better or for worse. This event also effects me and my fellow classmates because we will finish high school and go into the real world with whoever is chosen to be the head of our country.

Donald Trump tweets prediction Rand Paul will drop out of 2016 race

Practice Leads for Journalism

1. Starting on January 1st, an open campus lunch policy will be open to all high schoolers except freshman at RHHS. Lunch will be extended 10 extra minutes giving them 45 minutes to eat.

2. A town meeting will be held on December 15th discussing the building of a second Super Wal-Mart that will be complete in 2006 in the town of Rock Hill. Members of the town feel like having two Super Wal-Marts will be bad for local business so they are starting a petition against it.

3. Numerous testing has concluded that a 6th grader by the name of Napolean Dynamite is a genius. The principal, Mr. George, has called Ms. Mobley to suggest that they move this student up to high school early.

4. A survey released yesterday by the Child Abuse Prevention Center in Baltimore shows that three out of four children die everyday from child abuse or neglect. Seventy-nine percent of these children were under the age of five and over half of them were under one.

5. Firefighters arrived at a house at 3:30 am and found it on fire. Homeowner, Kathy Mahoney was awaken by smoke and flames, but she only suffered minor burns on her hands and feet. The fire was caused from a light cigarette on a sofa.