Editorial: OPINION For Trump, Honesty isn’t best Policy

Politifact checked 77 of Donald Trumps statements he made last year in 2015 and found three quarters of them to be very wrong. This earns Trump the Lie of the Year award from the non-partisan fact checking organization. All Trump seems to do is lie about everything he says to get him votes. Trump even accuses others of lying to take the attention off of him. He even went as far back as the 9/11 attack on America and said that before the attacks the highjackers sent their wives back home to Saudi Arabia and they knew exactly what was happening. Although it sounds true, it is complete fiction. Research has been proven that the highjackers were almost all unmarried and none brought female companions to the United States. This is just one of the many lies he is telling America. I believe that because of this he should not be able to hold the office as president of our country. Our nation needs to be built back up, not tore down as it already is. This effects me and the whole country because we need a good president. One that we can trust. One that does not lie and hide the truth. One that will build our nation back up to what it was long ago.


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