Current Event: Opinion Why North Korea’s satellite launch is troubling

North Korea’s second satlleite launched Saturday at 7:30 pm into outer space. North Koreans said that it was nothing more than a “puppy barking at the moon.” They are making it seem like a peaceful launch but the international community seems to think differently. Clearly the existence of a space craft is hard to hide, but the use of a spacecraft is something we csnnot determine. North Korea is taking advantage of the duel-use nature of space technology, to develope missles. Though the range of the missles at this moment is only to Japan and South Korea, does not mean that eventually they can’t reach Europe and the Americas. They have tried to send satellites into space many other times but failed on almost every account.  I believe that this is very troubling and it should be.  One of the worst countries in the world has active missles in space. Something must be done. This definitely effect me and the world because if those missles were to be launched it would turn into WORLD WAR 3. And I cannot imagine anyone wanting that outcome to become a reality.



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