Current Event: OPINION One issue the candidates should be talking about

The devastating Syrian war took out a big chunk of the population. Over 250,000 people were killed during the war. Now, thousands of Syrians are slowly dying because o starvation and the government will not do anything about it. Because of this, over four million Syrians have fled the country and over seven million have been displaced in Syria. The problem is they have nowhere to go now. A neighboring country, Turkey, has closed its borders. Our presidential candidates never bring this up though. Although the Islamic terrorists are abig issue, this is a big deal too. I believe that this is wrong because although they are not from our country, they are still living innocent people and America should be there to aid them in their time of need. This effects both me and the world because the presidential candidates do not talk about these off to the side topics that are huge and if we elect the wrong president, nothing will be accomplished.

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