Current Event: OPINION Obama’s Proposal to Gun Control

After 3 years ago when the shooting of 20 kids and 6 adults at a school Obama tried to make stricter gun laws and is now yet again starting to focus on the removal of guns from citizens. His big speech tuesday made a huge impact on the voting for this to take action. As of right now, 48% of the population favors his idea of the removal of guns, 51% opposes the idea of citizens not being able to have guns and 1% took neither side. I strongly dissagree with his thoughts and what he is trying to do to our country. Taking away our guns is taking over one of our free rights that has been in the Bill of Rights ever since this country was born. I can see his argument and how there is a lot of shootings but even if we take away guns criminals will do everything they can to get their hands on them and they will. If Obama takes away our guns it gives him way more power than the president should have. I feel that this will greatly impact our world because we will have nothing to defend ourselves with and it is a free right that is being taken away from us. This greatly impacts me and my community in east texas because there will be complete outrage if guns are taken away because it’s a way of our life and something we like to do such as go hunting.


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